Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get products for home?

You can purchase all of the products featured here through your Wellness Coach. If you d o n 't know who your coach is, the bartender on duty can look up your Coach.

what if I have Dietary Needs or Restrictions?

Be sure to inform your bartender of any dietary restrictions you might have before ordering. We provide Gluten-free,  Non-GMO and Dairy-free for sensitive stomachs.

How much sugar is in a smoothie?

Our smoothies have about 9g of fructose sugar, a naturally occurring sugar; the same as you would find in a piece of fruit, sourced from mostly beets and carrots.  In our sport line, we use a plant-based sugar called Stevia.  The smoothies are considered Low Glycemic Index.

What does it mean to have a membership?

We call it a daily membership  simply  to  let you know that when you order a Tea, Shake & Aloe, you also have access to everything else in the club. There is no commitment in purchasing a daily membership.